Norm Frechette - President

Hello everyone. I'm Norm Frechette - the President of Bristol-Plymouth Teachers' Association. I would like to welcome all of you to our web site.

A union in strict definition refers to a oneness, either created by putting together, or by being undivided. This is a term that includes past, present, and future dealings with an emphasis on solidarity and oneness. As a union we dedicate ourselves to supporting each other. Our sheer numbers are testament to our strength.

The sacrifices of the past that enabled our current state are easily overlooked. Our influence today is used to support, encourage and strengthen our profession. A union is much more than a once-a-month meeting. It is a collusion of individuals who are united behind one of the greatest, most rewarding, and mentally straining careers in the world.

We are a union of teachers. Our union meetings are the first Monday of the month.

Why don't you check out the new faculty hired this year!



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